About us


About Us: 

Signal Hill Farms is a women owned family farm located on the most northern Appalachian escarpment in Cherry Valley, NY. We overlook the great Mohawk Valley, our views include the Adirondack High Peaks, the Green Mountain in Vermont and on a clear day the White Mountains in New Hampshire. 

The farm was established in 2008 to utilize our beautiful property. We have chosen to grow gourmet garlic, shallots, and hay in our fields and mushrooms in our hemlock woods. Ramps(wild Leeks) are sustainable harvested every spring from our 185 acres of northern hardwood forest.  

Our produce is grown using all natural principles. We recognize the great responsibility we have to act as good stewards of our land and community. We do not believe in using any artificial chemicals on our plants. In order to insure healthy soils we use green manure, compost, kelp, sea salts, fish emulsions and other all natural fertilizers.